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Robust policies key to successful decarbonization

power-597169_1920Contributed by Richard Adamson

One of the clear outcomes of the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project second report is that decarbonizing the economy involves electrification of many sectors and substantial growth in the quantities of electric power consumed. This, of course, requires both growth and decarbonization of the grid simultaneously. Having participated in many discussions relating to climate policy over the … Read More >>

World Bank Panel Provides Path to Carbon Pricing

"World Bank building at Washington" by Shiny Things - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

Contributed by Jeff Graham

The World Bank was lauded last week for announcing a high level group called the Carbon Pricing Panel, a body of government leaders and leading companies who have come together to press others to implement carbon pricing regimes.

Members of the high-profile group represent jurisdictions that have already taken steps to implement a variety of Read More >>

It’s complicated: Investing in energy efficiency projects a challenge for publicly traded companies

newyorkskylineContributed by Jeff Graham

Getting energy efficiency and renewables off the ground at publicly traded companies is a difficult and worthwhile challenge. But while these projects are great investments for companies, the choice might not be so obvious to a Chief Financial Officer.

“The way corporations enter information into their books often makes energy efficiency projects very difficult to achieve,” Read More >>