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Alberta’s Methane Reduction Strategy and Your Business

iStock_000005328161LargeUnderstanding and Preparing for Alberta’s Oil & Gas Sector Methane Reduction Strategy

Alberta’s Methane Reduction Strategy sets an aggressive target of reducing Alberta’s methane emissions by 45% by 2020. The scale and challenge of this task and the importance of engaging industry and communities in the oilfield sector across Alberta is increasingly significant.

In partnership with the Alberta Energy Regulator … Read More >>

Fieldwork can prove value of CCS to industry says geoscientist


Cornelia Schmidt Hattenberger

Interview with Cornelia Schmidt Hattenberger, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Researchers can help demonstrate to industry that carbon capture and storage has a commercial future, says German researcher Cornelia Schmidt Hattenberger.

The geoscientist, who was deploying equipment at the Field Research Station (FRS) recently, says research conducted at CCS test sites can show which monitoring systems … Read More >>