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Climate change important variable for insurers/investors

sigonella-81772_1280Contributed by Jeff Graham

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney recently made headlines by telling a roomful of insurance executives that one of the top risks facing the UK economy and their financial institutions is climate change.

According to Karen Lockridge, who is a Pension Actuary and Sustainability Champion at Mercer, Carney’s comments are consistent with evolving perceptions Read More >>

Energy conservation a key focus in Dubai

dubai-939844_1920Contributed by Jeff Graham

Famous for their thriving tourism industry and financial sector, Dubai is one of the most famous places in the world. If their highly ambitious conservation plans are any indication, they will soon be known as a world leader in the green economy.

Conservation in Dubai is less than five years old but is undergoing explosive growth. … Read More >>

World Bank Panel Provides Path to Carbon Pricing

"World Bank building at Washington" by Shiny Things - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons

Contributed by Jeff Graham

The World Bank was lauded last week for announcing a high level group called the Carbon Pricing Panel, a body of government leaders and leading companies who have come together to press others to implement carbon pricing regimes.

Members of the high-profile group represent jurisdictions that have already taken steps to implement a variety of Read More >>