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CMC in good position to face future says president

Richard Adamson

Richard Adamson

An Interview with CMC President Richard Adamson

This interview is an excerpt from CMC’s 2016 Annual Report. To read the full report click here.

The political landscape in Canada shifted dramatically in 2015 with new climate change policies announced in Alberta in November and the election of a federal government in October that was emphasizing its … Read More >>

The new Western advantage – underground (again)

AB foothillsContributed by Richard Adamson
President, CMC Research Institutes

The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of CMC Research Institutes or its board.

The next industrial boom in Alberta & Saskatchewan might be focused not on pulling carbon out of the ground, but on putting it back.

As Canadians we ought to be …

Cross-Canada team works to make carbon capture and storage more secure


Contributed by Jeff Graham

When CO2 is injected deep beneath the earth’s surface for storage, it’s critical to know if any of it is escaping. A cross-Canada team from the universities  of Victoria, Calgary, Toronto and Saint Francis Xavier have been developing an innovative detection system to identify carbon content around carbon capture and storage sites.

“We’re developing fibre